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Lash Care Guide

Application/Care Instructions


Applying Anaya Beauty Lashes

Hold the band of the lashes and gently pull downwards to remove from tray. Avoid pulling too hard on the lashes when removing, and do not pull on the individual strands.


During this process we highly recommend you apply eyeliner to create a natural look which in return will help to blend the overall look.


Compare the length of the band with the length of your eye lids. Using our stainless-steel scissors trim any excess from the outer corner in order to ensure a perfect fit.


Grip the lash in the center of the band using our lash applicator and apply glue to the lash band. Allow the glue to become tacky.


Align the lashes as close to your lash line as possible and gently place them. Start by securing the lashes in the middle of the band the work your way outwards and secure both corners by pressing down.


Care Instructions for Anaya Beauty Lashes


Avoid Water and direct heat.

Always remove lashes before bed.

After each use remove remaining glue from the lashes

Always place lashes back into its original tray to keep their shape and protect them for future use.

After placing in tray use a spoolie brush and gently brush your lashes, this will remove any excess debris and realign the strands.


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